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Thermal Power

Thermal power generation is the main contributor of electricity generation worldwide, as it offers potential benefits such as high ramping rates, fast start-up, base load plants, grid stability, energy security, and low capital and generation cost. The overall thermal power generation constitutes around 65% of the total power generation in Pakistan. Heavy reliance on the imported oil for power generation makes Pakistan’s energy market more vulnerable to the fluctuating oil prices and dwindling supply of conventional fuels in international market. In this scenario, the energy mix is required to be optimized in order to reduce the dependency on imported oil and cost of power generation, hence to ensure energy security and grid stability. In addition, most of the thermal power plants in Pakistan are operating between 25 – 45% thermal efficiency. The lower generation efficiency and ever widening gap between demand and supply are a decisive impulse for re-powering or upgradation of old thermal power plants in order to enhance the plant performance, extension of plant life and reduce the levelized cost of electricity.
International Conference on Sustainable Energy in Pakistan 2019. USPCASE.