Conference Themes

Energy Policy and Management

The domain of energy policy provides the guidelines for defining the targets that a country should achieve in medium- to long-term time frames. The energy policy takes into account the need for providing energy access to the citizens, ensuring reliable energy supplies vital for growth of industrial, commercial and transportation sectors of the country. Furthermore, the energy policy incorporates the targets defined by country to meet its climate change mitigation goals by providing a framework for transition to low carbon economy without creating any negative impact on the economic growth. Energy management provides the technical knowledge and tools required to successfully implement the energy policy. Energy management is based on best practices formulated and successfully applied in various developed countries, which can be adopted to achieve the envisioned targets of universal energy access and sustainable development. In recent years, energy management has emerged as a field providing solutions of renewable energy technologies and energy efficiency for industrial, power generation, buildings and transportation sectors. These practices are of vital importance for developing countries because of their proven economic and environmental benefits with minimum risk and uncertainty. In this context, it is pertinent that Pakistan envisions and implements a formidable energy policy and management strategy in order to resolve the energy crisis in a sustainable manner.
International Conference on Sustainable Energy in Pakistan 2019. USPCASE.