Conference Themes

Electrical Power

The national grid of Pakistan suffers from poor performance due to lack of appropriate electrical power system engineering, planning and market strategy. Emphasis on integrated planning of electrical grid and related challenges, capability issues and employment of modern technology for sustainable and balanced growth of concerned assets is required. The critical challenges are the limitations of current grid code in comparison with modern grid practices and lack of all-inclusive approach to simulate planning for each year. The current grid regime based on manual operation is not capable to incorporate advanced power electronics and modern information and communications technologies (ICT). This is the bottleneck in electrical grid modernization in compliance with the best international practices. From the perspective of CPEC, the change of power flows has also increased the instability risks, besides result in a latent demand of power in future. According to the vision 2025, the gap between peak demand and available generation will further widen. In addition to integrated planning across various domains, modern project delivery mechanisms should be adopted to deal with huge volumes of work and new markets rule must be developed under new operating norms. Identification of problems in the national grid related to administration, technical, environmental and economic aspects is required to provide realistic solutions to Pakistan’s energy woes.
International Conference on Sustainable Energy in Pakistan 2019. USPCASE.