USPCAS-E is a five-year program being jointly implemented by the University of Engineering and Technology (UET) Peshawar, National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST), and Arizona State University (ASU), focusing on applied research relevant to Pakistan’s energy needs. The program has multiple goals including curriculum development, applied research, establishment of new laboratories, and exchange program for faculty and students. ASU has been engaged by USAID to provide technical support to NUST and UET in establishment of the Centers. The Project is scheduled to end in September 2019.





About Conference

Pakistan is challenged by overpopulation, climate change and a weak energy sector. Despite having abundant renewable energy resources, the energy sector has been in dire-straits for over a decade with power shortages and subsequent load shedding for both domestic and industrial entities. The lack of visionary policy, outdated power plants and transmission grid, economic factors, dependency on imported fossil fuels, and weak indigenous technological base are some of the main contributors to the energy crisis in Pakistan. Although the situation has improved considerably over the last couple of years, the generation, transmission and distribution challenges remain and are affecting economic growth of the country.

In this regard, the partner universities of U.S.- Pakistan Center for Advanced Studies in Energy (USPCASE), a USAID funded initiative, is organizing an International Conference on Sustainable Energy to bring together national and international energy professionals from the Government, industry, academia and civil society to deliberate upon the challenges and solutions related to energy generation, transmission, distribution and storage. The conference aims to promote research and development in energy by bringing together researchers, industrial experts, senior policy makers and civil society to a common forum. The energy professionals will review the latest developments, opportunities and challenges in renewable and non-renewable energy technologies and discuss the future trends. The conference will highlight the key barriers, challenges and possible solutions for the promotion of market based adoption of renewable energy technologies in Pakistan. The conference will also introduce the Center as a pioneer institution in energy education and a credible source of energy solutions. In addition, energy efficiency and conservation tendencies will also be deliberated upon.

The conference is being jointly organized by National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST), University of Engineering and Technology Peshawar (UET-P) and Arizona State University (ASU) – the US partner university on energy.

Key Objectives

  • Develop and strengthen industry-academia-government collaboration to address energy challenges;
  • Discuss and analyze Pakistan’s energy issues with the scientific and technological community, policy makers and relevant civil society, with the aim of mitigating Pakistan’s energy problems;
  • Disseminate research, policy achievements and knowledge created by the Centers to the national and international audience;
  • Introduce USPCASE (UET Peshawar & NUST) as the premier institutions for higher education on energy and a technically credible for energy solutions;
  • Exchange the latest ideas and developments related to research and innovation in the energy sector;
  • Provide students and young researchers an opportunity to interact with the energy professionals; and
  • Enhance public awareness regarding energy crisis and its sustainable solutions in Pakistan.

Key Thematic Areas

The conference will focus on the following thematic areas:

  1. Renewable Energy
    1. Solar
    2. Wind
    3. Hydro
  1. Thermal Power
    1. Thermal power plants
    2. Waste heat recovery
    3. Hydro carbon development
  1. Electrical Power
    1. Smart Grids
    2. Power system operation
    3. Renewable integration into power grid
  1. Energy Policy and Management
    1. Energy markets
    2. Integrated energy planning
    3. Energy conservation and efficiency


The Conference will be attended by 400+ national and international participants from the federal and provincial governments (e.g. WAPDA, NTDC, DISCOS, NEPRA, OGRA), academia (e.g. NUST, UET Peshawar, UET Lahore, NED-UET, QAU and Universities all over Pakistan), industrial organizations, donors (USAID, The World Bank/ IFC, Asian Development Bank, UNDP, UNIDO, KfW, AFD), Policy institutions/rural support organizations (Institute of Policy Studies, SRSP, NRSP, AKRSP), and national and international media. International and national experts on energy will also be invited for the conference. The conference will be attended by 20+ international participants from the United States of America, Europe and other regional countries.

The conference will appeal to the following stakeholders:

  • International experts and scholars from engineering universities and research centers
  • Manufacturers/Technology providers
  • Investors and members of the Chambers of Commerce and Industries
  • Non-Donors, financial institutions, banks, local commercial banks
  • NGOs interested in financing entrepreneurs and small and medium enterprises in Pakistan

Key Advantages

The conference will bring in key market players, researchers, decision makers, policy experts, manufacturers and fabricators of energy technology on a single platform. Key advantages of the conference are:

  • A comprehensive outlook on renewable and non-renewable technologies
  • An enhanced partnership between academia, government and industrial organizations
  • Industry will be able to communicate the challenges faced by them
  • USPCASE will be able to showcase their research and state-of-the-art facilities (labs) to the national and international audience

Structure of the Conference

It will be a two day conference which will be divided in 3 technical sessions. Each technical session will have 3 keynote talks followed by panel discussion and Q & A session. A panel of 3 or more experts, of national standing, will analyse the energy problems related to Pakistan-specific context. The floor will be opened for 5-minute duration question and answer session by the moderator for participants and audience.

Research Poster Competition

A research poster competition will be organized during the course of the conference. The posters will be judged by the Poster Competition Committee which will have representation from NUST, UET, ASU and external experts both national and international. The best three posters will be given financial awards during the closing ceremony of the conference.

International Conference on Sustainable Energy in Pakistan 2019. USPCASE.